On the ComputerOnline Summer Courses 2017

For Summer 2017, TeachNet are offering seven EPV day approved courses, to help you and your school achieve effective ICT integration into teaching and learning. For more information please see below…

Technical Requirements

All our courses require broadband Internet access (Min of 2mb recommended) and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.

Technical queries should be emailed to cpd@teachnet.ie or alternatively you can call our support helpline number on 01- 4806208 (available from 9.00am to 2pm on weekdays).

Blended Courses

In association with Microsoft Education
Face-to face workshops: July 3rd- 5th – Microsoft, Sandyford, Dublin
Online: July 6th to August 25th

1. Making Sense of Minecraft for Education

Description: Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment This course will explore how teachers can use it as cross-curricular learning tool to help improve student engagement, collaboration, creative exploration, and learning outcomes.

Cost:€49 | More Information | Enrol

2. Enhancing 21st Skills using Microsoft Tools

Description: “21st century skills” are the skills that today’s students will need to be successful in this ever changing world and include communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, social and emotional intelligence, technological literacy and problem solving. Learn how to develop and enhance 21st century skills in your classroom using Microsoft’s Office 365 tools in conjunction with the Microsoft Educator Community portal.

Cost:€49 | More Information | Enrol

Online Courses

3. Getting Started – Computer Basics for Teachers

Technology in education is becoming more of a feature in our schools. Yet, for many teachers, getting started with technology is a daunting task. This course is designed to help the total beginner to get up and running with a computer and provide them with basic digital skills, take their first steps on the Internet and start using email.

Cost:€89 | More Information | Enrol

4. Getting the Most From Your Interactive Whiteboard

Explore practical uses of the Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom. Experience a wide range of exemplar activities and practical step-by-step tutorials while also learning how to create your own classroom materials

Cost:€89 | More Information | Enrol

5. Teacher Toolkit: Integrating ICT into Teaching Learning & Assessment Practices

Technology in education has become an important feature in our schools’ curriculum with digital tools rapidly becoming the cultural tools of our society. This course will introduce participants to a range of practical ways in which they can integrate these tools into teaching, learning and assessment and embed ICTs into their existing classroom activities

Cost:€89 | More Information | Enrol

6. Enhancing Literacy & Numeracy with the iPad or Tablet

Description: ‘This course will introduce participants to a range of practical ways in which they can use iPad and Tablet devices as a learning tool to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills and integrate ICT into their existing classroom activities’

Cost:€89 | More Information | Enrol

7. ICT and Special Education Needs

Description: This course will explore the effective use of technology for students with SEN. A range of hardware and software options will be explored but emphasis is placed on using technology to support the curriculum or the individual education plan of the pupil

Cost:€89 | More Information | Enrol