Project Overview : This project learning focus is to link the teaching of History with the study of maps using Google Earth. This is an opportunity to use an application predominantly used in the Geography classroom. This could also open up opportunities for cross curricular activities with the Geography Dept within schools. This project is specific for the age and topic but hope that it will give ideas for teachers in other topics esp. in Age of Exploration topic.

What You Need

Project Requirements: This can be used as a standalone PC with a data projector or it can be used in the ICT lab. You will require Google Earth (version 4 beta was used.

Curriculum Addressed​

Curriculum Areas Addressed : This project deals with . various rebellions in different parts of the country . Background on the life of Wolfe Tone . Use of Visual and spatial skills in interpreting information Supplementary activities require the use of online activities to assess and reinforce learning. Cross-curricular work with English, Geography and Religion is encouraged.


Author: John Heffernan
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