To develop an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, economic and social needs of individuals of families and to encourage an appreciation of the diversity of socio-economic and cultural influences on family life.

To develop an awareness of the interdependence of the individual or family and the environment and to promote a sense of responsibility to global issues.

What You Need

  • Internet access.
  • Word processor.
  • PowerPoint and clip art software.
  • Scanner.
  • Digital camera.
  • Digital projector.

The students:

  • This WebQuest is designed for pre-Leaving and Leaving Certificate (16-18 years) mixed ability students.
  • There are eight tasks to be completed.
  • The ability of the class will determine the success of the work. Some students may be capable of working on their own; others may work in pairs or in groups of three.

Time required:

  • One/two class periods for research.
  • One/two class periods to make a presentation.
  • 8/10 class periods to present the findings to the group.
  • One class period to evaluate the tasks and rate this inquiry approach to learning

Curriculum Addressed

This WebQuest is a resource for the Leaving Certificate Social and Scientific programme. It will provide a visual teaching aid and an active based activity to teach the Social and Scientific Elective.


This Web Quest will provide knowledge of the relevant principles, terminology and concepts of family life in society today.

It will provide an understanding of the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the family.

It will show the skills necessary to research, study, analyse and evaluate alternatives when making decisions through problem-solving.

Students will initiate and implement independent work schedules and as a result will become more responsible members of the community.

It will incorporate collaborative and cooperative learning in the classroom.

Students will experience group work as they research and investigate the allocated topic.


Author: Kathleen Tinnelly
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