The purpose of this SPHE project is to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology. It will enable students to:

· Work together on collaborative projects.

· Share study guides and other resources and information.

· Submit questions to the teacher.

· Use the online space for personal expression.

· Develop organizational skills as they must organize and summarize the information.

· Access resources, videos, quizzes etc for the class at any time.

·To leave a comment for peers or for the teacher, and read assignments.

· Master technology skills

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses several modules of the Junior Cycle SPHE course as specified in the NCCA curriculum guidelines.

Junior Cycle SPHE

What You Need

Access to a computer and the Internet. A Wiki is very easy to create and for students to use both at school and from home. Its design makes it easy to be adapted for younger or older students.


Author: Marion McGinn
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