This project involves the completion of business documents (e.g. invoices) and a set of accounts from day books right through to Balance Sheet. The concept involves putting your feet into an accountant’s shoes and completing a virtual sports company’s accounts. The accounts can be completed online or the transactions and blank documents can be printed out and completed manually in the classroom. Lessons on all aspects of the assignment are provided.

There is extensive use of Microsoft Excel in this project and students would need to have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel if they want to complete the accounts online. A link to a good Excel tutorial is provided. This project could be used as a transition year business module lasting for a full school year.

It could also be used as a revision module for Senior cycle Accounting students for the first few months of fifth year or it could be used as a challenge for Junior cycle Higher level Business Studies students. LCA, LCVP and YES programme students would also find the project of particular interest.

Curriculum Addressed

This project can be used as a teaching aid when teaching the following syllabi:

  • NCCA Junior Certificate Business Studies (Section 3 – Enterprise – The Business Unit)
  • NCCA Leaving Certificate Accounting (Section 8 – Double Entry Bookkeeping; Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet)
  • LCVP Enterprise Education
  • Transition Year Programme (Business and Enterprise Studies)
  • LCA Information and Communication Technology (Module Two – Creating and editing spreadsheets)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Scheme ProgrammeThe project aims to develop an appreciation of accounts as a form of communication and to help students develop an ability to link accounting with relevant computer applications.


Author: Alan Ryan
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