This project is designed to introduce students to the chemistry of water. It is intended that the site could be used to supplement and enhance class teaching and laboratory investigations. The site has links to a number of relevant sites containing text, images, assessments and animations which have been carefully chosen to provide depth and balance to a web investigation of water chemistry. The site also has its own assessment page which allows students to interact with the site and obtain reinforcement or corrective cues. The site could be used over five class periods with some teacher input.

What You Need

Teachers will need internet access and a recent web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

The Site can be used at the beginning, middle or end of the Water section of the course. It could also be used by students to assist with homework or project work

Curriculum Addressed

The site addresses the general properties of water and covers part of section 2b3 and all of section 2b4 of the Junior Cert Science syllabus. The project does not address the section on Water Hardness.


Author: Tony Burke
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