The challenge is to complete the selected route in one school month, working individually or collaboratively. Each journey has a starting point and a set of criteria. After landing in each destination the pupil is required to collect data, analyse maps, record and present findings in a variety of formats. The pupils use the internet as the main media, accessing material required to complete the task. The pupils also use data handling software to analyse findings as well as publishing software to inform others of their results. All necessary help is provided as well as tips as the pupil progresses on their Virtual Trip.

What You Need

Suitable for 5th and 6th class primary pupils and or 1st and 2nd year post primary. Basic knowledge of the internet is required. It is recommend that students work in groups of 5 is if possible.

Curriculum Addressed

It can be integrated into Maths, Art and SPHE as well as into English and Science. It promotes the development of pupil critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It takes the geography curriculum to a new ‘real world’ level where pupils can engage in a meaningful, challenging and relevant context.


It allows for the development of the whole child through constructivist and collaborative learning. This project requires very little adaptation but can be extended by the teacher to include more countries.

Author: Paula McGeough
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