Ballinrobe: A Century of Change should help children to work as historians. A number of the skills and concepts required for fifth and sixth classes are explored:

Time and chronology

  • develop an understanding of time and chronology so as to place people, objects and events within a broad historical sequence
  • use words, phrases and conventions associated with the recording of dates and time

Change and continuity

  • develop an understanding of change and continuity by exploring similarities and differences between the past and the present and between different periods in the past

Cause and effect

  • recognise some factors which may have caused, prevented or delayed changes in the past
  • appreciate that events usually have a number of causes and outcomes

Using evidence

  • examine and use critically a wide range of historical evidence including photographs, pictures, objects, memories of older people, buildings, other media, information ​​and communication technologies
  • develop some skills in the location and selection of evidence
  • distinguish between primary and secondary sources
  • ask questions about a piece of evidence
  • compare accounts of a person or event from two or more sources
  • make simple deductions from evidence
  • recognise that evidence may be incomplete or biased
  • appreciate that evidence can be interpreted in a number of ways

What You Need

Broadband connection A teacher who can work as facilitator to engender lively classroom discussion Data projector for working with the class as a group Class computer or computer room for independent research done by children

Curriculum Addressed

SESE History


Author: Gerry Ryder
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