This interactive module investigates the various techniques in the field of Biometrics. The project is designed to promote awareness in students of the increasing use of biometrics in society (Fingerprint analysis, iris scanning, face recognition etc.) using a Webquest format. There are four main research areas from which to choose. Students carry out their research using the links and animations provided and present their findings to the class in the form of a PowerPoint file. Students can also carry experiments to compile and identify fingerprints in the laboratory. Along the way, students will cover aspects of the Senior Cycle Biology Syllabus including the use of microscopes, the structure of the human eye, DNA profiling etc.

Curriculum Addressed

Specific Areas of the Senior Cycle Biology Syllabus

OB 2.1.1 Microscopy
OB: 2.5.4 DNA Profiling.
OB: 2.5.14 Structure of DNA
OB 3.5.3 Responses in the Human (the human eye)

What You Need

Computer access with Adobe Flash Reader. Microsoft PowerPoint.
General Lab Equipment (Microscopes) for Fingerprint analysis.


Author: Dan O’Sullivan
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