Bleu, Blanc, Rouge…. is a website which has been created for primary school teachers who wish to access resources for teaching French in the Primary school. The site contains lots of simple songs & rhymes, tongue twisters, ideas on language games, art & craft activities, French recipes & seasonal pages. There is a page with links to many of the traditional stories, such as The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella etc. These stories are beautifully illustrated & there is also a link on this page to the famous ‘Fables de la Fontaine’. The Culture page on Bleu, Blanc Rouge gives information on the French flag, the French National Anthem, language, history, festivals & also links to sites on Famous French people. Finally there is a page detailing many useful links, such as a French/English online dictionary, virtual tours of France, pen pal sites, French search engines etc. Much of the material on the site can be adapted for any age group in the primary school.

What You Need

As this site is geared for teachers, all you need is a little time – a little time to browse through the resources and pick and choose what you would like to use in your classroom. If, as teachers you would like to use this site as a resource for your class to browse through, the culture & links pages contain lots of fun links to other sites. Bleu, Blanc, Rouge always remains in the background, so the site is easy enough to navigate through. Your class could for example have fun reading some familiar fairy tales, using the online dictionary, listening to the French National Anthem or reading up on a typical French school day.

Curriculum Addressed

The aim of Bleu, Blanc,Rouge is to provide teachers with resources to promote a positive attitude towards the learning of the French Language. It is anticipated that with these resources teachers can promote self-confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment in the learning of the language. The many songs, rhymes, tongue-twisters, stories & language games provide ample material for language awareness activities and also activities to promote communicative competence. The culture page will help to develop the child’s awareness, appreciation and respect for the French Culture.


The aim of Bleu Blanc Rouge is to provide a one-stop-shop for resources for teaching French in the Primary School. It offers lots of teaching materials, ideas and also links to useful sites.


Author: Caroline Lane
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