The program offered animates the different processes occurring in what is photosynthesis. It is designed to give the total picture of the cycles, something that static space confined textbooks cannot do. It also allows students to freeze time and looks at a certain moment in a process. It provides immediate feedback to the students by means of an interactive test at the completion of the module. They are free to progress at their own speed.

The website is also a teaching resource, which should be presented in class by the teacher and explained before the students are allowed to access it for themselves. The class is given a brief tutorial on how to use the software with the user guide for reference.

The learning environment is made as flexible as possible and the students were encouraged to take full advantage of this in how, when and how often they used the software. After instructions had been given to the students, they were left to study alone. The class experienced both a ‘traditional’ learning experience as well as a multimedia learning experience.

Suitable For

Fifth and sixth year biology students have used this animation. The biology class is composed of students of all academic levels. It also includes those who have studied Science at Junior Cert. and those who have not.

Students who have few computer skills adapt very quickly when shown how to operate the simple stop start controls. The only problem with this module is with those students who have no previous scientific learning.

Curriculum Addressed

The Leaving Certificate Biology syllabus has been designed to prepare senior cycle second-level students for immediate entry into open society and for proceeding to further education and training.

It incorporates the following components: science for the enquiring mind or pure science, and science for action, application and interface with Technology.


Author: Fergal O’Neill
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