​This is a set of twelve lessons aimed at students of French as a foreign language. There are three broad headings signalling the level of language required to undertake the tasks: Junior, Transition and Senior. Each unit is based on a French Folk Song and is presented in French. It is not necessary to work through the units in any particular order, as each one is independent of the others. Connections are made between themes, elements of French culture and grammar. There are interactive crossword puzzles, word and phrase matching, multiple-choice quizzes, cloze tests, electronic greetings cards and online debates. In each lesson the student is asked to find words or phrases in online dictionaries. Senior students visit News sites to find information for written tasks.


The site acts as a resource for teachers and seeks to reinforce areas of the French course that are already being taught in the classroom. These include reading and aural comprehension as well as written and oral expression. The following subject areas are among those that may be linked with this set of lessons: Art, Geography, History, ICT, Home Economics and Religious Education. Subject areas such as Music, English, Gaeilge and other languages may be integrated into a lesson by comparing aspects of folk songs in those languages, for example the use of nonsense words.


Author: Anna-Marie Higgins
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