This website is a framework for teachers to explore the SESE cross curricular theme of clothes with a 3rd/4th class. A whole-class activity using photographs as artefacts introduces the theme initially. The class can then work in groups on the separate topic of clothes for sport, traditional clothes, jeans and fabric and production. Each topic is divided into 3 parts: activity, evaluation and presentation. Some of the activity content is contained on the website with links to other sites where the “clothes detectives” must find the answers to given questions. Evaluation of what they have learned is accomplished through the use of online games, cloze tests and matching games. In the presentation section they will be given a number of options on how to present what they have learned to be included in an overall classroom/school display. An optional final quiz can be used by the class themselves or as a challenge to others in their school to find the answers in their presentation!

What You Need

Minimum of one class PC and printer with internet access. Use of a data projector for whole class work is preferable but not essential. Most activities are completed online, but all resources are also available in a printable version where access to the internet is limited.

Curriculum Addressed

Cross curricular SESE – 3rd & 4th Classes

Author: Sinéad Grimes
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