This unit is aimed at Junior Certificate students (ordinary and higher level) but could also be used at Leaving Certificate ordinary level. The website is presented as a step by step approach. Initially the student is presented with a series of pages containing vocabulary.

These pages also include interactive activities and exercises to reinforce the vocabulary. Having become familiar with the vocabulary, the student is subsequently presented with a series of tasks based on the Junior Certificate exam (ordinary and higher level).

Equipped with a comprehensive vocabulary the student should be able to tackle these tasks. This website is not intended as a “stand-alone” tool for teaching the topic of “Music” but rather as a supplementary resource to the traditional “chalk and talk” method. The advantage of using an online resource for teaching is that it provides variety, interactivity and challenge for the student.

Curriculum Addressed

“Music” is one of the topics included in the Junior Certificate syllabus. It can occur as a component of the Junior Certificate exam at ordinary and higher level. For example, as an essay title, in a reading comprehension, in the aural exam, in a letter, etc.

This project aims to provide students with a comprehensive vocabulary on the topic of “Music” which will enable them to effectively tackle any of the aforementioned components. Some Junior Certificate components are included in this website to enable students to practise each type.​


Author: Martina Hearne
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