The site deals with all the interconnected processes and features associated with denudation. There is an effort to show how all of these processes combine to wear down the surface of the Earth and contribute to the formation of some really spectacular physical features.

The emphasis is on using the various information links to navigate the site and gather enough information to answer a series of short factual questions.

Curriculum Addressed

This material is directly in line with the requirements and expectations of the Junior Certificate Geography Syllabus.

Suitable for

Designed for first and second year geography students. Students should try researching the topic of Denudation by searching through the site. It is designed to give them all the information they need to answer all the short factual questions on the quiz page.


Students will develop an understanding of denudation while improving their ICT skills. It is hoped that the website will expand their ability to research and learn from web-based material.

Author: Aidan Jordan
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