This site aims to provide English language exercises for Special Needs students. It is aimed at students who have difficulties with English language, particularly with expressing themselves in written form and communications difficulties generally. A multi-sensory approach to both reading and writing is recognised as the best approach for these children. While the site is geared to Special Needs students, it may be of interest to English teachers in general. The exercises are designed to be completed online but may be downloaded in Word format or in PDF format. It is expected that the students would work individually and at their own pace. In addition the site provides an extensive list of web links to useful resources both for English language teachers and for Special Needs teachers.

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses a difficulty that some students have with written English where different words that look the same or sound the same are easily confused.-This project provides a multi-sensory approach to reading and writing, which is recognised as the best approach for many Special Needs students. -The exercises are visual, interactive and text-based and are particularly suited to deaf students as they are not sound dependent.-The project allows students to work individually and to progress at their own pace.


English language exercises for Special Education Needs.


Author: Madeline Hickey
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