This project is based on a program that comes from an actual exchange network run through the United States and Canada, whereby classrooms are partnered and send an actual box of clues to each other. The children then examine each of the ‘artefacts’ received and research information about them which leads them to “solving” the mystery, or finding the location of the partner school. With the same idea in mind this Digital Artefact Project is a completely digital or virtual project.

All the artefacts are in digital form – the artefact projects in HTML are exchanged and uploaded to the schools’ websites for exploration. Children use the Internet to ‘solve’ the mystery.

Suitable For

5th & 6th class

It is suitable for children in the senior primary level. Classes can explore the Exemplars with no preparation or learn how to compose a Digital Artefact Box with their class.

Curriculum Addressed

  • Seamless cross-curricular project integrating SESE Geography, SESE History, Music, Mathematics, English Writing and the Visual Arts
  • Engages pupils in discovery-based, collaborative and independent learning.
  • Pupils are given opportunities to develop skills of investigation, designing and composing in a collaborative working environment.

Author: James Roberts
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