This project uses the web in a focused way at primary level. Children between the ages of nine and twelve work collaboratively to research famous buildings of the world. Guided by the teacher, and facilitated by ICT, groups of pupils locate information sources, select relevant factual material and present their findings to an audience of their peers.

Key questions, Internet links, graphics and step-by-step guides to the processes involved are supplied, and ideas for online and off-line integrated activities are suggested.

What You Need

This project is suitable for students in fifth and sixth class of primary school, and can be adapted for pupils with a wide range of ability levels. Mixed ability groupings are suggested to maximise effective collaboration.

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses the following strand units for fifth and sixth classes, as specified in the NCCA curriculum guidelines: Human environments: Settlements – homes and other buildings; People and other lands, and Physical features of Europe and the world.

A number of linkages are suggested in the curriculum areas of history, mathematics, visual arts and language development.

Author: Robbie O’Leary
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