“Have I Got News For You” is adapted from a project called Current Affairs. It is a global current affairs project suitable for children aged nine and upwards, which encourages students to find out what’s going on in the world, to analyse world events, and to discuss global issues with their peers.

Guided by the teacher, and facilitated by technology, students are required to research news stories, report to the class and contribute to a class newsletter.

What You Need

The project is suitable for children of nine years and upwards. It is a collaborative project so groups can be of mixed ability. Children enjoy being in the role of news anchor, sports caster, or weather person. At the same time, they are encouraged to improve academically.

Any class will become motivated when faced with the challenge of being recorded and seen on a VCR.

Curriculum Addressed

The project integrates reading, writing, public speaking, social studies, maths, ICT and art as students write news stories: create maps, signs, and graphs to illustrate major points, and practice their presentations.


Teachers should research the project thoroughly before initiation, visiting the various web links and ensuring school facilities are appropriate. Class periods should be timetabled with definite deadlines. Groups should be of mixed ability and an “editor” for each should be assigned.



Author: Pat Brennan
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