This unit will aim to help pupils revise algebra in a practical way involving lots of examples and hands on work. If the unit is used in the classroom teachers can revise the unit in algebra in a shorter amount of time with the topic divided into clear subsections.

What You Need

For a teacher to use this unit with a class a data projector with a whiteboard/smartboard would be the most benifical way. Pupils can also use the site individually using a pc. A printer will be required to printout any handouts provided in pdf.

Curriculum Addressed

Algebraic operations on polynomials and rational functions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and the use of brackets and surds. Laws of indices and logarithms The Factor Theorem for polynomials of degree two or three. Factorisation of such polynomials (the linear and quadratic factors having integer coefficients). Solution of cubic equations with at least one integer root. Sums and products of roots of quadratic equations. Unique solution of simultaneous equations with two or three unknowns. Solution of one linear and one quadratic equation with two unknowns. Inequalities Modulus Equations


Author: Padraic Kavanagh
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