An integral part of the Leaving Certificate History Syllabus is the development of evidence-handling skills. The ability to deal with evidence is addressed by this project.

Although focusing both directly and indirectly on the three case studies of Topic 6: The United States and the world, 1945-1989 of the Later Modern History Syllabus, the skills necessary to tackle this topic are universal across all the documents-based studies.

Two of the case studies of Topic 6 are “The Moon Landing 1969” and “Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, 1963- 1968”. These are directly addressed by two of the teacher generated presentations and worksheets.

The third case study of Topic 6 “The Montgomery bus boycott, 1956” is not directly addressed. Instead US racial conflict is tackled through an analysis of The Little Rock Nine, 1957. Although this event occurred after the Montgomery bus boycott it should nonetheless provide a useful illustration in the general study of US society especially racial conflict.

The last section of the site details how students can produce their own presentations and offers a suggested making grid for assessment.

Curriculum Addressed

The document based question in the Leaving Certificate History exam.

Creating their own presentations should help students acquire some insights into how historical research is undertaken and therefore prepare students for their Research Study Report.

What You Need

To view in class: Data Projector or/and a computer suite

To create presentations: MS Movie Maker, MS Word (Or equivalent) and Audacity


Author: Brian Daly
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November 21, 2010