This project is aimed at the Mathematics Applications course of the Leaving Certificate Applied. The programme statement mentions that “Participants should also develop communication and decision making skills so as to achieve a more independent and enterprising approach to learning and to life”. This web-based assignment is of particular benefit to Deaf or Hard of Hearing students as it provides a method of communication not reliant on sound. Deaf students can suffer isolation problems because of misunderstandings. Pricing a holiday online is an ideal application of internet technology to help reduce feelings of isolation. One of the aims of the Maths Applications Module for the Leaving Cert. Applied is “to prepare students for life”. As such Module 3 attempts to introduce students to “leisure” maths. Unit 4 in Module 3 is entitled Holiday and Travel Maths and it is a very practical look at the everyday relevance of maths. Active Learning methodologies are essential to the course, so this project has been designed to be student centred.Though it is primarily geared towards LCA students I hope that this project will be used generally byo Transition year maths and IT teachers o Life skills maths teachers o and possibly JCSP maths teachers

Curiculum Addressed

This project is aimed at Leaving Certificate Applied students. More advanced students could complete all 3 assignments though only one is necessary for LCA recognition.The topic is Holiday & Travel Maths in Unit 4 of Module 3. This unit covers things likev interpreting holiday brochures, travel timetablesv analysing costs of holidays and comparing the costs with other companiesv converting currencies to Euro and vice versav preparing a budget for a foreign holidayThis project has been designed to cover the 5th Key Assignment on page 41 of the Maths Applications module descriptor:”I got information on holidays in a foreign country and prepared a budget for the travel costs, accommodation and spending money I would need. I calculated the total in Euro and converted this into a foreign currency, if necessary,…”


Author: Liz McLafferty
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