The project concentrates on the techniques required for the solution of linear and quadratic algebraic equations, utilising Java applets to help Ordinary Level students with Junior Certificate Algebra. Materials on the website are divided into sections according to level of difficulty beginning with simple linear equations.

Each section focuses on a particular rule or technique required for the solution of an equation. Each section begins with a statement of a rule and some examples. This is followed by exercises where the student is required to provide solutions to appropriate equations.

The website provides lots of ‘onscreen’ practice for the student in solving equations using a ‘line by line’ approach to solving equations.

Curriculum Addressed

The material presented here covers the ‘equations’ section of the syllabus for first year of the Junior Certificate Mathematics Programme and a substantial amount of the content for second year. Many of the skills necessary for manipulating algebraic expressions are implicit in the solution of algebraic equations.


Author: Tom Kelly
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