This project was deviced initially as an appetiser for young pupils in primary schools(5th and 6th class) with an incentive on learning some of the basic words / phrases relevant to colours, months, seasons and the signs of the zodiac. By accessing this project the pupils are encouraged to learn and use the new words in the classroom with their peers. Words and greetings are also used in and around the school premises. This project will be upgraded in the next few months with new pages covering such topics as: Poesie per Me!( poetry / poems for myself ), Sono proprio cosi forte… (I am really this good…) and Il Buono il Cattivo e l’ Effervescente (the Good the Bad and the Bubbly).

What You Need

Internet access (classroom/computer room). Teacher will guide the pupils through the various pages and exercises that can be worked on as a group and developed on a bi-weekly time target.

Curriculum Addressed

The main areas relevant to this project are: Geography, Art, Poetry, Language Skills Development, Cultural Awareness


Learning basic tasks like visiting sites, opening/closing/minimising pages, key-board skills.The use of a computer (internet-friendly) can facilitate and prepare the pupils, when faced with the varied-classroom of today Ireland. 


Author: Dante Farina
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