The biblical account of this story provides an excellent text for reading comprehension and for the study of the Passé Simple (Past Historic tense). Interactive exercises, multiple-choice questions and traditional worksheets are provided for the Senior students. These also deal with the Passé Composé (Perfect), Present, Imperative and Futur Proche (near-Future) tenses. Manipulating the material creatively to suit the language skills of beginners, they record each of the speaking roles and the narration. This provides an accurate aural version of the script from which the younger students will learn their parts. The dialogue should be repetitive and focus on basic vocabulary (eg. family, colours, numbers, adjectives, interrogatives, negatives). An online dictionary assists students in their tasks, some of which could be completed for homework. Having spent several classes on this project, the Seniors pass the script and the recordings on to the Juniors who read, cast, learn and record it, concentrating on comprehension and correct pronunciation. Finally the Transition Year group organises costumes, takes photos and assembles a Photo Story, using the visual and recorded material. Links to related websites are provided and the different levels of language-attainment are acknowledged throughout. The whole project should take less than six weeks to complete – two weeks for the Seniors, one week for the Juniors and two to three weeks for the Transition Years.

What You Need

Requirements: Internet access, a microphone, an audio editor (such as Audacity or even Sound Recorder), a digital camera, an image editor (such as Irfanview), Microsoft Word and Photo Story 3. For alternative approaches, Microsoft PowerPoint, Moviemaker and a minidisc recorder have been found useful for this project.

Curiculum Addressed

French: Three post-primary groups, sequentially – Seniors, Juniors and Transition Years


Author: Anna-Marie Higgins
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