This project is suitable both for the teacher in the classroom, and the individual pupil working on his/her own. It utilises the multimedia capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 in a way which will be easier for the teacher to teach and easier for the pupil to understand. Diagrams and graphics are of a high quality and are built up cumulatively, with each step explained along the way demonstrating how a conclusion was reached rather than just giving a static picture of the final work. This dynamic nature of the site makes it easier for the teacher (or pupil) to quickly go over the explanation again from scratch which should aid understanding. The more capable student will find this site useful; however the real value of this site is for the weak to average pupil. This category of student will benefit most from the clear, accurate and colourful diagrams which will aid understanding much more than a hard copy version of the work could achieve. The download file has Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer incorporated so that the user does not need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computer.

What You Need

Pentium processor based PC running Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista. For classroom presentations, a computer projector is also required. The presentation provides approximately four hours of study in its entirety, which is about five to six class periods.

Curriculum Addressed

Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths Trigonometry


Author: Horst Punzet
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