This project was designed as a resource for the classroom biology teacher. It deals with the leaving certificate module (pass and honours) on microbiology, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition to the textbook like content, endeavours have been made to include as much animation and interactivity as possible while utilising the power of the Internet to integrate effectively into teaching.

The site contains “home-produced” Flash animations, the construction of which is possible by any teacher with minimal training in Flash. Attempts have also been made to include video in order to enrich the multi-media experience of students. The scope of the site is also broadened to include careers in microbiology.

What You Need

  • Internet Access
  • Computer attached to Internet and data projector (preferred) <
  • Printer
  • Three hours approximately class time

Curriculum Addressed

Leaving Certificate Microbiology (Ordinary and Honours) Fungi, Viruses, Bacteria

Overall aim of the project – classroom resource for the biology teacher

Syllabus outline, Careers, Self Tests, Links and Examination Questions in addition to syllabus requirements


The site should be used as a resource (in-class/at- home) to the textbook, allows for independent research/study and should take about three hours class time to cover.


Author: Gerard Lohan
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