This case study is a prescribed documents course for the 2008 and 2009 exams. With this in mind the unit examines different aspects of the war through the medium of primary documents. However there are also timelines and overviews of the main aspects of the war. Each primary document will have questions based on the different question types found on the Leaving Cert. These questions are designed for both higher and ordinary level students. Dealing with each section will take 30 – 40 minutes: allowing students to read or listen to the sources and answer the questions

What You Need

Teachers can use this material in class with a computer or networked computers. It is designed to be self contained so a textbook is not required. Each primary source will have a brief background explanation.

Curriculum Addressed

Hisory Syllabus Later Modern Europe Topic 6 The United States and the Wider World Prespective Politics and Administration: Case Study Lyndon B Johnson and Vietnam, 1963 – 1968 key Personality; Lyndon B Johnson Prescribed Case Study for the 2008 and 2009 exams.


Author: Stephen Tonge
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