The project attempts to evaluate the potential for the integration of ICT into the teaching of History at Leaving Certificate level. This is by means of a case study entitled Wilhelm 11 and Weltpolitik Sources from The World War 1 Document Archive; American and from German archives are used. Supplementary questions give the students a chronological and thematic framework for the primary sources. The final task for students is the writing of an essay. This allows students to use the insights and knowledge, which they have gained through their work on the sources.

Curriculum Addressed

The module can be adapted and used in various ways, depending on class needs: (A prior knowledge of the background of the topic is necessary ) as source material in the present Leaving Certificate course, using one or two of the extracts, as background to Weltpolitik; as primary source material for the Research Study. Students, researching Wilhelm 11, his naval policy, or, International Relations, could use the documents as a basis for their study; as a document based study in the new Leaving Certificate course


Author: Mary Ó Dubháin
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