The project looks at the life of Nelson Mandela, South Africa and explores the lives of other famous people that 5th & 6th class student’s have examined in History class. Tasks include creating a timeline of Mandela’s life, examining life on Robben Island, writing a letter to Mandela’s family from the viewpoint of Mandela himself, designing a tourist brochure to promote South Africa and researching other famous people of the 20th /21st century. A crossword and wordsearch are included also.

Curriculum Addressed

SESE – History
Strand: Story. Strand Unit: Stories from the lives of people in the past. Strand: Politics,conflict and society Strand Unit: Ireland, Europe and the world, 1960 to the present.
Strand: Continuity and change over time Strand Units: Homes, housing and urban developments, Food and farming, clothes, transport, communications. 

What You Need

Desktop/Laptop; Data projector/Interactive whiteboard (optional). A1 Chart paper, A4 lined paper, markers and scissors.

Author: Aoife Malone
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