This project looks at the games pupils currently play in their free time and encouraged pupils to seek new games that they could introduce to their peers. Pupils in the school then proceeded to try out these games and then take photo’s and in some cases video footage so that the game could be explained easily. At the same time as researching the new games pupils were encouraged to find out about games that were played by members of their families in the past. It is hoped that once the games pack is available and complete , pupils in other schools both in Ireland and further abroad would be able to try out these games and in a blog style format offer feedback and variations!

Curriculum Addressed

Physical Education – Games Subject: Physical Education Strand: Playground Games Strand Unit: Exploration, creation and performance of dance Class Level: Infants to 6th Class

What You Need

Playground or suitable open space, game marking equipment (chalk, tape etc)


Author: Ian Packham
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