This project aims to utilise the potential of the Internet and its capacity to move speedily from one informative point to another so that students of English can come to a deeper and a wider understanding of the poetry on their course. This website is devoted to the poetry of Michael Longley. It takes an interactive approach to the poetry and, while it is not meant to replace the traditional textbook close analysis done in the classroom, it is meant to expand on that so that the context of the poetry is made more accessible. By offering multiple navigational possibilities the student can move at his or her own pace through the material presented. Flexible lesson plans are provided for teachers and students. Pages link to a set of exercises that enable students to respond to what has been accessed.

What You Need

This project is aimed at students pursuing the Leaving Certificate course in English. While it is aimed at higher-level students, it is possible to use it in a modified fashion for ordinary level students and for students who are pursuing the Transition Year option and also students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate Applied examination in English and Communications.

Curriculum Addressed

Designed for students of English at Leaving Certificate level. Michael Longley is one of the Irish poets on the cycle and will be a regular feature of the poetry course. Students at higher level can use the material to come to a deeper understanding of the poet and his work. Comparing poems, an essential requirement at higher level, is facilitated by the ability to link from poem to poem.


While the exercises may be printed as blank exercise sheets and done at home, there is also the facility, for students and classes who are computer literate, to do the exercises on line and/or on screen and submit them for correction through the printing process. This is also relevant if a student wishes to submit a printed response to one of the poems as part of his assignment in the Leaving Certificate Applied course in English and Communications.


Author: Conor Kelly
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