This Website is designed as a template to provide both teachers and students with a clearly defined structure and direction for the theoretical and empirical work involved in Geographical Investigation / fieldwork. Whilst the project focus is on a river study, this resource can be adapted to suit many aspects of Geography field studies. Site graphics are included to visually demonstrate the required fieldwork workLinks are provided for printable worksheets and to external educational sites.Frequent navigation throughout the site should reinforce learning and the included graphics are intended to provide visual clarification of the fieldwork methodology.A Glossary page explains technical terms used in the site.

What You Need

– Internet Access – Microsoft Word – Printer – Data Projector—for whole class instruction – Lab. / stand alone computers for individual student access – Revised Leaving Certificate Geography Syllabus as a guideline to the structure of this Unit – Email facility – Excel can be used to tabulate and graphically present field data findings.

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses the Geographical Investigations and Skills Unit of Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary Geography. This is now a Compulsory Core in Unit 3 of the new syllabus.


As a teaching and learning tool, this resource can be used in a number of ways: – By the teacher, to whole class groups, serving as an introduction to the concept of field studies.- It can also be used as reinforcement of learning after the actual fieldwork has taken place.- By the individual student to work at his/her own pace.


Author: Ann Brennan
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