Each of the 27 syllabus topics in Junior Certificate Science can be assessed by each of the various tests on “Science Smarties”. Some are online, some need to be printed, some are visual, some may even be fun! There should be something for every type of student to measure their learning.

What You Need

To make optimum use of the resources provided via this project, a teacher needs access to a PC with internet and printer connected. For group and whole class work a data projector or interactive whiteboard would be ideal. Access to the school computer library would allow students to work at their own pace on assigned assessments. Students with a PC and internet connection at home can be directed to assessments for homework or revision. SEN teaching colleagues could use some of the material in learning support groups.

Curriculum Addressed

This project offers a varity of assessments on all topics on the Revised Junior Certificate Science syllabus.


Author: Mags Amond
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