This action-research Physical Education project requires students to look deeply into a sport, a team and a sportsperson of their choice, and write a report on their findings. A user-friendly and interesting project for all abilities.

What You Need

The format in which you present this project is very flexible. Students will need a computer and preferably internet access to complete this project. However, the best means of describing the project is to outline the requirements of a section using a data projector and allow students to complete section by section. Outlining different deadlines for each section makes the project managable and progressive.

Curriculum Addressed

This project links with the “Kinesiological Aspects” of the draft syllabus for Leaving Certificate Physical Education (NCCA, 2000). In addition this project can be adapted to complement Leaving Certificate Applied ‘Leisure and Recreation’ modules and form key assignments.


Author: Michael Carey
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