This series of lessons is based on the senses hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight. It is based on the webquest format. The main objective of the lessons is that the children will learn about the five senses and the need to care for them. They will realise that all that we learn and do involves one or more of the five senses. By engaging in the various activities as suggested in the lessons in groups, they will learn to work co-operatively and to share the responsibility for completing the various tasks.

They will be using a wide range of skills while working through their lessons including investigation skills, and prediction skills. They will be provided with suggestions for organising their study of the senses, with a list of various resources where they can get information. These lessons will be aimed at children in third and fourth class.

However the class teacher may adapt the content of the lessons to suit the needs of children in a younger or older class may adapt the content of the lessons.

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses the strand unit ‘Myself’ as specified in the NCCA curriculum guidelines on the SPHE curriculum for the primary school.

In addition other subject areas may be integrated into the unit of work, including various aspects of the following curricular areas: English, Science, Visual Arts and Irish.


Author: Christine Flanagan
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