This project provides a framework for a comprehensive history project for children from 5th/6th classes on a number of European traders/explorers who changed people’s lives, their thoughts and beliefs through exploration. Content centres mainly on a Google earth tour for each explorer which follows the routes they took, with links to online resources. Using these resources, the pupils fulfil the requirements of pre-organised roles within the class group (Biographer/reporter/ photographer/cartographer/evaluator).

What You Need

Hardware: Broadband access, PC and printer. Ideally an Interactive Whiteboard/ data projector and laptop although this is not essential.

Software: Google Earth (Free), Word processor (Microsoft Word or similar)

Curriculum Addressed​

SESE History Strand: Eras of conflict and change Strand Unit: Traders, explorers and colonisers from Europe.


Author: Sinéad Grimes
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