The children work collaboratively to create an interactive multimedia game. Each child designs their own world, the characters in the world and how they interact. The children use Stagecast Creator to make their designs real. Doors connect the worlds, and the hero of the game moves from world to world through the doors.

The children decide what they want to create and are shown how to use Stagecast Creator to create their characters and to program rules for these characters.

Circle time is used as a strategy to develop ideas, critique work and evaluate the game. It is hoped that the children will refine the game through this process.

Suitable For

First class upwards, suitable for all abilities, the interface of Stagecast Creator eliminates difficulties for children with poor linguistic skills, all programming is done visually

Curriculum Addressed

Celebrating the uniqueness of the child – each child creates their own world and each world has a place in the game.

Child as active agent in learning – by the nature of the project the child is creating his/her own learning.


The software allows the children to create quite complicated programs. They are engaged in and learning the procedures of programming and debugging in an interesting and motivating way. The development of the children’s thinking skills is facilitated through the program.


Author: Nicola Savage
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