The SESE Primary School Curriculum statement tells us that “Historical education enables children to investigate and examine critically significant events in their own immediate past, the past of their families and local communities and the histories of people in Ireland and other parts of the world” This online learning activity focuses on history and aims to allow children the opportunity to be historians, to look at primary sources, to examine and question their own past and Ireland’s past and how history has shaped the people and places of the modern day world. The project centers on the historical figure Annie Moore, and brings together resources on the worldwide web about her. The children start by reading about the story of Annie Moore and from this start to examine wider issues such as:

  • their own family history
  • the history of Ellis Island
  • immigration and emigration
  • the famine
  • multicultural perspectives and attitudes
  • life at the turn of the 19th century Opportunities for individual, group and class activities are scattered throughout the pages as they arise, for example:
  • act out the inspection process
  • take and examine different perspectives and attitudes e.g. Immigration official/immigrants from different countries
  • write diary extracts
  • letter writing • virtual tours
  • examine historical records and pictures firsthand
  • research own family history
  • listen to oral histories from Ellis Island immigrants

What You Need

Classroom Management – Some recommendations! The pupils should be allowed to work in groups for some activities e.g. discussion aspect Some activities can be done as a class, for example the dramatisation of the inspection process The creative writing activities can be done individually The children should be allowed to discuss their ideas and debate the issues There are opportunities for on and off computer work so the children should be enabled to have opportunities to do both as much as possible.

Author: Janet Lynch
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