This unit aim to provide an insight into the life and expeditions of Tom Crean Antarctic explorer, a famous person of the past.It also provides opportunities for the students to compare and contrast life in the past and present, become familiar with timelines and access documentary evidence that these events occured.

What You Need

This project is aimed at third/fourth class but may be used with other classes. The children may work through the site on individual computers on the teacher could go through it with them with the help of a projector. It can be completed section by section and the appropraite activity can by given to the children after each section.

Curriculum Addressed

Subject: History · Strand: Life, Society, Work and Culture in the past. · Strand Unit: Life of a famous person in the past. · Provides linkage to other areas of the history curriculum in the Activity sheets · Provides opportunities for integration with other curricular areas e.g. Geography, Maths, Art, English and Drama. · Enables the student to access documentary evidence of life in the past by providing links to other websites where this can be found. · The child will be enabled to recognise how lives can be changed by people and events, and portray the events of Tom Crean’s life on a visual timeline  ​


Author: Fiona Fleming
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