There are 15 written and comprehension tasks – writing a letter of application for a job in a restaurant, finding accommodation, travelling by métro, shopping in the market, coping with kitchen vocabulary, understanding recipes, leaving a written message, sending and receiving text messages, reading newspaper articles, writing a diary, describing a cultural experience, being a tourist, organising a journey by TGV (fast train), making an insurance claim, visiting the doctor and looking for a lost item. Teachers of 4th, 5th and 6th year students will find the material relevant to the curriculum.

Most of the tasks involve interactive work with cloze tests, matching exercises and crosswords. Many involve reading comprehension and written exercises. Worksheets are provided. Students are asked to use an online dictionary and a French search engine. Some of the tasks could be completed for homework and others (eg using the online métro map or researching train times) should take less than thirty minutes in class.

What You Need

It is recommended that students work in pairs. They will need Internet access, a printer, speakers or headphones and pen and paper.

Curriculum Addressed



Author: Anna-Marie Higgins
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