This project comprises of ten activities. Activities one to eight are knowledge acquisition activities. Activities nine and ten require the pupil to use this knowledge to complete two challenges. All work is carried out collaboratively in groups of three-four. There is a strong emphasis on communication and on the development of group work skills. New media is used to enable the pupil to direct their own learning by choosing the pace at which they wish to work through the activities. It therefore empowers the pupil and contributes to a very positive learning experience in this instance. Engagement with new media also enables them to access up to date information on the WWW and to develop learning age skills, i.e. skills for lifelong learning.

What You Need

This project has been designed for use with first or second class primary school pupils. Pupils work in groups of three or four. They assume the roles of techie, designer and content developer. These roles are interchangeable throughout the course of the project.

Curriculum Addressed

The project covers the curriculum area SESE, the strand Living things and the strand unit Plant & Animals. Pupils are given opportunities to develop skills of investigation, designing and making in line with the requirements of the NCCA.


Author: Dearbhaill McKibben
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